Setting up Ads and Moving from TypePad to WordPress

I’ve been very busy increasing my WordPress skill set. First, I learned how to integrate Google AdSense into my WordPress blogs. I should note here, that sites like this free WordPress blog, are not eligible for this type of advertising integration. Instead, I did a test on my Dreamhost hosted site.

And today, I learned how to import a TypePad blog into WordPress, setting up The Chocolate Blog. Now I just need to set up my new email, customize my new site and then announce the move on my TypePad blog.



In looking for a graphics program that was powerful, but inexpensive, I re-found GIMP. GIMP is a graphics program that is somewhat similar to Adobe’s Photoshop, but you can download it for free.

I’ve done a few tutorials and I’m starting to get the hang of things. My next goal is to create a logo for the blog using GIMP.

Save $50 on hosting with DreamHost!

I mentioned that I ended up going with DreamHost and that it was a smooth set up.  Well, today when I was looking around at some different options on their site, I found out that I could offer a coupon for hosting to all my friends!

Just visit DreamHost and check out their hosting options. When you checkout, use coupon code BOOGAJ and you will get $50 off your first year of hosting!

I hope you like them as much as I do!

Connecting to social media

Now that my basic site for Black Sheep Bags is up and running, I though I better make sure that my connections to different social media sites were in good order. I’m not versed in all the sharing sites, but I am an avid user of Pinterest, so I figured I should get an account set up that I could connect to Black Sheep Bags’ new website.

I got my Black Sheep Bags Pinterest account set up and found some pins that included photos of my bags that people had knit. Now I’m looking for a way to incorporate this into my website.

In addition, I decided that twitter would be a great way to connect and share the posts from my blog, so I got an account set up for Black Sheep Bags with the BoogaBag name. I was able to easily connect my twitter account to my website via the Jetpack plugin.

I already had a Facebook account for my business, but strangely enough, I’ve been having trouble integrating in with my site. For some reason, I can’t get the ‘publicize’ tool to acknowledge my Facebook account — possibly because it is a business style account.  Hmmm.

I’m pleased to say that after having the site up for only a few days, I was able to get 40 hits yesterday and I’m up to 41 hits for today and it’s not yet noon.

Next I need to work on graphics. I’ve updated my copy of GIMP and I need to get back up to speed on using it. Time to find some good tutorials.

Hosting with Dreamhost

I waded through the myriad choices and I decided to go with Dreamhost for my first foray into hosting my own WordPress site. There are a lot of choices out there, and I’m not sure I have a good reason for going with Dreamhost. Overall it has pretty decent reviews and tight integration with WordPress, plus the price was right.

The install was super easy and setting up my website was painless. I already had a domain name which I had registered elsewhere, so I had to move that over, which I did pretty easily.

The only real trouble I had was moving my email, and I think that was mostly due to my impatience. It’s up and running now, so I’m feeling pretty good about the migration.

If you want to have a look at the basic site that I set up over the last few days, you can visit it at

WordPress 101

In my quest to become a web developer, I’ve decided to start with learning WordPress. Since WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is widely used and based on PHP and MySQL, I figured it was a good place to start.

Here’s the weird thing — I learned HTML way back in the day. I’m talking the mid to late 90’s, when the web was young and a fancy page contained frames. So, this new, simpler web design thing seems strange to me and much divorced from the bones of the thing. After all, I started playing around with computers when I was about 10 years old — programming in BASIC on a TRS-80. I’m hoping that as I get further into WordPress, I’ll see more of the programming side of things.

Today I toyed around with setting up a server at home using an old computer, but I decided against it. Instead of making things more difficult for myself, my plan is to start with the “free” WordPress blog, move into a hosted site (possibly setting up a new site for Black Sheep Bags), and then see where I want to go from there.


Today I’m trying WordPress for the first time. This is a first step in my goal to learn as much as I can about web development, with an eye toward making this a career.

I have experience in many different programming languages, so I think this will be a great extension of my current skill set.